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20. November 2012

The Aspire S7 is one of the best ultrabooks we have tested so far, and with its touchscreen display, it is built specifically to be used with Windows 8. The build quality is also brilliant, the looks are premium, and it houses a powerful processor inside. The RAID 0 SSD setup is the fastest we have seen in an ultrabook and transfer speeds are ridiculous. Acer Asire S7 also bundles in a wireless mouse and an extra battery pack which add a lot of value to the whole package. There are very few things we did not like about the S7 except for one thing – Pricing. Agreed, Acer is addressing the premium segment with this beautiful ultrabook. But a price-point of close to a lakh for an 11.6-inch ultrabook is a bit much.DEWALT DE0240 Battery

We recently had a look at some of the features and design elements of the Acer Aspire S7. We will not repeat those pointers and jump straight into the performance parameters.DEWALT DE0240-XJ Battery

Keyboard, Trackpad and Mouse

The keyboard is well laid out and the keys have a great response even though they are thin. The only issue with the keys is that they do not have enough travel which seems necessary to keep things on the slimmer side. For people with large fingers it may take some practice to get used to it. The reviewer did not have any issues with the keyboard as such and it didn’t affect his typing speed. DEWALT DE0242 Battery

For an ultrabook with such a form factor, there is optimal space for the palmrest. The edges are sharp though but do not bother you much, specially so when you are using the ultrabook with the battery pack attached, as it gives a slight angle to the palm rest which is great.

The trackpad was quite responsive with the gestures and despite it being a single block of plastic, the right and left clicks registered well. The trackpad does tend to get warm on using resource intensive applications such as benchmarks. The region just above the keypad gets considerably hot and you can actually hear the fans whirring when the CPU utilization is well over 85 per cent, as we noticed while running 3D Mark 11 and PC Mark 7 among other benchmarks.DEWALT DE0241 Battery

The keypad backlighting works quite well in dark conditions and there are three levels of backlight brightness. The mid-level tends to merge with the silver-hued keys when you are in a perfectly lit room, making it difficult to decipher the alphabets. Since it is an 11.6-inch ultrabook, there is no dedicated numpad or function keys. In fact, the top two rows of the keyboard are mixed with function keys. The placement of the Delete key is on the left hand side of the arrow keys, which are smaller in size as compared to the regular keys.DEWALT DE0243 Battery
Acer also bundles in a Bluetooth mouse. It has a decent build quality despite being an all-plastic body. It has a glossy white top and the design is very ergonomic, with the left and right keys responding flawlessly.DEWALT DE0243-XJ Battery

Before we discuss the benchmark scores, we would like to clear out a few things. So far, we have run benchmarks using a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) but we had to test the benchmarks on this machine on the Windows 8 installation. We tried to create a separate partition to install Windows 7 Ultimate but the ultrabook did not allow us to do that. Even on reinstalling the Windows 8 OS, to get rid of the bloatware that is bundled in with the ultrabook, the S7 tended to give us a copy removing only stuff that we had downloaded and installed, thereby keeping the extra software there. So the scores which will be compared with Windows 7 based ultrabooks are just an indication of the prowess of the Aspire S7.DEWALT DW0240 Battery
The Aspire S7 packs in an Intel Core-i7 3517U processor which runs at 1.9 GHz. This is the same processor that was seen in the Samsung Series 9 (NP-900X3C), Lenovo IdeaPad U410 and ASUS S56CA among others.DEWALT DW0241 Battery
Starting with the PC Mark Vantage score, the S7 failed to give us an overall score as it could not complete certain tests such as TV and Movies score, Productivity score among others. But thanks to the dual 128 GB SSDs arranged in a RAID0 configuration, it gave an HDD score of 49063 – the highest we have got on any ultrabook tested this far. This was further validated when we ran the Crystal Disk Mark 3.0 test getting mind-blowing speeds of over 900 MB/s sequential read and 700 MB/s for sequential write. Even the random read/write speeds were over 600 MB/sDEWALT DW0242 Battery
The PC Mark 7 Score was the highest among all the ultrabooks standing at 4829 which was 182 points over the Samsung Series 9 ultrabook which was the leader so far. The CineBench R11.5 multi-core rendering score was a respectable 2.58 which is lower than the 2.79 offered by Asus S56CA, Lenovo IdeaPad U410 as well as the older Acer Aspire S3, but you need to keep in mind the different OS and all the extra apps that are pre-installed.DEWALT DW0242-XRP Battery


The Aspire S7 does not have dedicated graphics, so the graphics test were run on the integrated Intel HD 4000 which is good enough. On a machine like this gaming is going to be disappointing thanks to the small screen size. The CineBench R11.5 OpenGL score was 15.07 which was lesser than that of the Samsung Series 9. 3D Mark 06 gave a score of 4069 whereas 3D Mark 11 gave an overall score of 1021 at Entry level settings which was only slightly lower than that of the Lenovo U410 which also houses a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT610M graphics. DEWALT DW0243 Battery

We did try out the Resident Evil 5 benchmark at 1280×720 with medium settings and got a playable 30 fps. But we doubt this ultrabook will be used for gaming purposes, so the gaming scores are not really relevant here. But just in case your young one wants to play some, this machine is more than capable of handling games such as Cut the Rope.BOSCH 2 507 335 209
Battery life

The Acer Aspire S7 ran for a good 315 minutes (with the battery bar attached) in our stress test which involved playing a video on loop with all power saving options disabled. While the battery bar provides juice for over two hours, the S7’s onboard battery lasted for the remaining 3 hours. For average use with the battery bar, you can easily use the S7 for close to 8-9 hours which is pretty good. In fact, the battery life test on the S7 was the best amongst all the ultrabooks tested so far.BOSCH 2 607 335 146

Windows 8 and Acer apps experience

Since Acer Aspire S7 was built primarily with Windows 8 in mind, with the touchscreen display, it does feel quite intuitive to use the touch and type input system. All those who have been contemptuous of the Windows 8 Live Tile display, should try it out on a touchscreen laptop to get the best experience. Having said that, there were certain niggles such as Windows 8 apps occupying entire screens. Now this is great in say a news app, but with an app such as a clock or a calculator, it is just a waste of screen real estate. The Windows 8 app ecosystem is still not very extensive, but it should get better over time.BOSCH 2 607 335 173

Acer also bundles in its own app store called the Acer Explorer which has limited apps for productivity, gaming, social media etc. Acer also has desktop applications such as Acer CloudDocs, Acer Recovery Management – which lets you restore your ultrabook to factory settings or create customised restore point, Acer Backup manager among others. The S7 also comes bundled with other third party apps such as Skitch – a basic photo-editing tool, game like Cut the rope, Evernote, Social Jogger among others. You can download more apps from the Windows Store.BOSCH 2 607 335 210


The Aspire S7 is one of the best ultrabooks we have tested so far, and with its touchscreen display, it is built specifically to be used with Windows 8. The build quality is also brilliant, the looks are premium, and it houses a powerful processor inside. The RAID 0 SSD setup is the fastest we have seen in an ultrabook and transfer speeds are ridiculous.BOSCH 2 607 335 160

Acer Asire S7 also bundles in a wireless mouse and an extra battery pack which add a lot of value to the whole package. There are very few things we did not like about the S7 except for one thing – Pricing. Agreed, Acer is addressing the premium segment with this beautiful ultrabook. But a price-point of close to a lakh for an 11.6-inch ultrabook is a bit much. So while the product is great, the pricing is off the charts.

If you want to get a Windows 8 ultrabook with a touchscreen, this is undoubtedly a great option. We would not say this is the best out there, until after we test more competing Windows 8 ultrabooks. But when compared with the Windows 7 generation, it features at the top.BOSCH 2 607 335 156

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HP 3115m Battery?

24. Oktober 2012

Till now, the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook had, by far, been the perfect all rounder – with excellent looks, a very premium finish and impressive performance scores. However, the new kid on the block, the XPS 14, is looking to take over that mantle. Can it do that? From what we have seen, it surely does!Asus A42-G75 Battery

Build & Design

We were more than impressed (and considerably surprised, admittedly) with the Dell XPS 13 (read our review). The efforts Dell put in on making that ultrabook are more than acknowledged and appreciated. Even more surprising was the fact that the desired effect was achieved with possibly the most humble and minimalist ultrabook. Quite expected then, that the next generation from the same line of ultrabooks, would follow the same path.DELL Vostro V13 Series Battery
The XPS 14, right out of the box, looks like one solid slab of aluminum, with a very matter to fact look. That however, doesn’t take away the fact that a lot of exotic materials have been slapped on to this ultrabook, to give it the real high-end feel. Gone is the carbon fibre that was quite predominant on the chassis of the XPS 13, and has been replaced with the triple team of aluminum, magnesium and silicon.HP 3115m Battery

The XPS 14’s lid has the grey aluminum finish, with the Dell logo in the middle. Open it up, and a black matte finish greets you around the keypad, and the keypad itself. The material used here is the magnesium, given a soft touch finish. Popularly known as the “rubberized” feel, we would prefer something like this any given day on our laptops over a glossy or even the remotely shiny enamel finish.

A similar finish extends to the touchpad as well, which has integrated right and left click keys. There are absolutely no quick access keys spread around the XPS 14 to ruin the looks.Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery

On the base, the carbon fibre from the XPS 13 has given way to silicon. This is a heat absorbing material, and there is a pretty thick layer of it. Essentially, if you are using the XPS 14 on your lap for long periods, the chances of it becoming uncomfortable have been reduced to a large extent. On the near and the far sides are two channels of vents that really blow out the warm air. You should be very careful to not block any of these.ASUS G51JX-X1 Battery

The left side of the XPS 14 has a couple of USB ports, HDMI out and the Ethernet port. The right side has just the 3.5mm jack. With the dimensions of the laptop, particularly the thickness, exactly the same at the front and at the back, this does give the resemblance similar to a MacBook Pro.


With the same processor as the HP Envy 4 and the Samsung Series 5, we did not expect the performance to be very different. While the Dell and the HP get 4GB of RAM as standard, Samsung offers 6GB with the Series 5. As far as benchmarks were concerned, all three machines did pretty similar scores, thanks to the relatively similar hardware.

In the PC Mark 07 test, the XPS 14 scores 3159 while the Envy 4 isn’t far behind with 3150 clocked. The Samsung Series 5 did score a bit less with 2371, but that shouldn’t take away anything from the fact that the performance is still rather good. Samsung gets its own back in the PC Mark Vantage test with a score of 7465, which is higher than the 7383 the XPS 14 scored. The HP Envy 4, incidentally, had a whopping score of 9966 in the same test.DELL Alienware M15x Series Battery

In terms of real life usability, all three machines offer a relatively similar experience – quick startup, zippy application response, no slowdowns while multi-tasking and a generally smooth Windows experience. The critical bit is the additional flash storage for the caching tasks, and while Samsung has 24GB of that, HP and Dell offer 32GB each. This is over and above the conventional HDD that will be the primary storage device.

Gaming is where the HP Envy takes the advantage, thanks to the more powerful AMD Radeon HD7670M (2GB) graphics solution. While the Nvidia GeForce GT630M (1GB) on the XPS does stand up to the 7670M on the Envy for quite a while, it does lose out in the frame rate stakes. In the Unigene benchmark test, the GT630M scores 17.8 while the Radeon HD 7670M on the Envy scores an impressive 25.9 FPS. The performance is verified by the CineBench OpenGL test – 30.26 for the XPS 14 and 33.78 for the HP Envy 4.

In our full stress load battery tests, the XPS 14’s battery lasted 210 minutes on a single charge – that is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Translate that into a traditional daily usage routine at work or at home checking mails and browsing the web with the brightness slightly less than 50%, we got a backup very similar to the HP Envy 4 – around 7 hours easily.Asus K50I Series Battery
Bottom Line

You must be wondering why we are comparing the Dell XPS 14 to ultrabooks that are considerably lesser priced. There is a reason for that! The idea being simple – the hardware you get with the XPS 14 is very similar to what you get with the HP Envy 4 and the Samsung Series 5, but you are paying about Rs. 30,000 more for the Dell and the exotic materials used on the finished product. Currently, none of the other similarly priced, but slightly better-specced ultrabooks – such as the new Samsung Series 9 ultrabook or HP Envy Spectre, have been made available to test.

Having said that, if the XPS 14 is well within your budget, then the admittedly superb build quality is something that will be a delight. The use of different materials across the same chassis lends it a very premium feel. Not a surprise then that the XPS 14 will be equally comfortable in a teenager’s college dorm room as well as in the executive board room of a Fortune 500 company.

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ASUS B23 Battery

16. Oktober 2012

Lenovo adds four devices featuring rotating screens which allow the devices to be used as tablets or laptops. Battery for HP HSTNN-LB2R Based on Windows 8, the IdeaPad Yoga 13, IdeaTab Lynx, and ThinkPad Twist all feature Intel processors. The smaller IdeaPad Yoga 11 features the Nvidia Tegra 3 and Windows RT.oday, Lenovo announced four new devices based on the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows RT.Battery for HP PR06

These devices, designated “convertible devices”, include the IdeaPad Yoga 13, IdeaPad Yoga 11, IdeaTab Lynx, and ThinkPad Twist. Battery for HP QK646AA According to Peter Hortensius, President of the Lenovo Product Group, this “family of Ultrabook convertibles addresses the unique needs of consumers, businesses, and everyone in between.” To this end, the IdeaPad Yoga 13 and Yoga 11 are designed to combine productivity and entertainment with the latter being marketed as an “all day mobile companion”. Battery for HP 4340s

The IdeaTab Lynx, based on a dual-core Intel Atom, is targeted toward professionals. Similarly, the ThinkPad Twist is proclaimed as “business-ready”.Battery for HP 4341s

IdeaPad Yoga 13

Featuring a hinge that allows the convert from laptop to tablet, the IdeaPad Yoga 13 ultrabook features a third-generation Intel Ivy Bridge processor and Microsoft Windows 8. Battery for HP 4440s The 16.9 mm (0.67 in) thickness and eight-hour battery runtime are paired with a 13.3-inch HD+ (1600×900) IPS display which supports multi-touch gestures.

The Yoga 13 will be available for pre-order at Best Buy starting October 12 and can be purchased from Best Buy or the Lenovo online site on October 26. The MSRP starts at $1099.Battery for HP 4441s

IdeaPad Yoga 11

Featuring an Nvidia Tegra 3 and Microsoft Windows RT, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 is slimmer with a thickness of 15.6 mm (0.61 in).Battery for HP 4445s The 11.6-inch screen and 13-hour battery runtime demonstrate the device’s focus on mobility. As with the Yoga 13, the IdeaPad Yoga 11 features a rotating screen.Battery for HP 4446s

The Yoga 11 will be available starting in December at a base price of $799.Battery for HP 4540s

IdeaTab Lynx

The 11.6-inch IdeaTab Lynx tablet features a dual-core Intel Atom processor and Microsoft Windows 8.Battery for HP 4545s Lenovo targets this tablet toward users seeking a mobile device that can still serve as a full-featured PC. When connected to its optional base, the IdeaTab Lynx offers an incredible 16-hour battery runtime and a full-sized USB port.Battery for HP 4740s

The IdeaTab Lynx and optional keyboard will be available in December with MSRPs of $599 and $149 respectively.Battery for HP 6475b

ThinkPad Twist

The 12.5-inch ThinkPad Twist is designed as a “full-performance Ultrabook”. Battery for HP 6470b Configuration options for the ThinkPad Twist include Intel Ivy Bridge processors up to the Core i7, Windows 8 up to the Professional Edition, optional 3G, and up to 500 GB of physical hard drive storage or 128 GB of SSD storage. The Twist also includes mini-HDMI and DisplayPort jacks. As with the other devices unveiled, the screen can be rotated.Battery for HP 6570b

The ThinkPad Twist will be available starting October 26 at various retailers and the Lenovo website with a starting price of $849.The SV-S131G4E wants to play with the big boys and alludes to the more expensive SV-S13A1Z9E. While the latter advances in many spheres, our test candidate remains down to earth. But that’s exactly where it can demonstrate its advantages.Battery for HP 6570b

Processor and graphics card are united in the Intel Core i3-2350M which provides the necessary power with 2 cores at 2.3 GHz. ThinkPad X230i battery The Intel HD Graphics 3000 is integrated in the Sandy bridge processor and the system memory is 4 GB. Overall it is solid, even though it is not a high-end machine. There are enough resources for everything – movies, music, games (under certain conditions) and work.LENOVO ThinkPad X230 Hybrid Series battery

Whether aluminum or plastic, the outer surface is dominated by the color white which does not appear to be reflective.LENOVO ThinkPad X230T battery Outside details consist of the silver VAIO logo which can also be found in a smaller version on the inside. Instead of the materials, the design speaks for itself. The design is clever in providing a gap in the front which helps the user open the laptop. In terms of design, the SV-S1311G4E resembles the premium SV-S13A1Z9E, even though plastic and aluminum bits are used instead of magnesium and carbon fiber.Lenovo 42Y4864 battery

Unfortunately, the display is quite wobbly: It can be lifted to height of 20 mm without any much resistance.Lenovo 42T4867 battery

The compact dimensions of 331 x 227 x 25 mm (13.03 x 8.94 x 0.98 inches) and the weight of 1.72 kg (3.79 pounds) does not qualify the Vaio as a true ultrabook but makes it very mobile. Overall, this is a good middle ground between the practicality (especially for display and keyboard) and the needed mobility.Lenovo 42Y4868 battery

Although the workmanship is elegant and almost flawless, the display has a weakness – this time when closed.Lenovo 42T4873 battery Even though the hinges have decent resistance, there is quite a lot of leeway when opening it. Once positioned, there is a slight teetering. It takes a couple of seconds to come to a complete halt. This is not a large disadvantage,Lenovo 42Y4874 battery but leaves room for improvement. The base of the display has a neat design feature. When opened, the display locks at 135°. This might appeal to some, but not all.

There is very easy access to the battery, the hard drive, and the system memory which are all located in the bottom of the device. Only two screws separate us from the access to the said elements.CommunicationLenovo 42T4901 battery
The wireless connections are possible via the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 WLAN adapter (like in the SV-S13A1Z9E). Lenovo 42T4902 battery It provides lightning fast transfer rates with the 802.11a/b/g/n standards. As in previous tests, 300 Mb/s speeds were reached. Here, we come across the equipment normally available in the higher priced Vaio devices.Lenovo 42Y4940 battery

The same goes for the HD Exmor webcam which offers a 1.3 megapixel resolution.Lenovo 45N1025 battery Unfortunately, it seems like the premium devices have something over our test unit. The webcam disappoints with an acceptable image quality at best, which looks blurred and out of focus. On the other hand, the integrated microphone works great even from a distance. It is enough for video chats, but in this case, nothing more is required.Lenovo 45N1024 battery


The box can be emptied quickly as it only contains the notebook itself, the 90 W power supply and several manuals.Lenovo 0A36286 battery We find more interesting content on the VAIO. Windows 7 Home Premium is already installed along with the necessary drivers. In addition, there are various programs by Sony, Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition, and a trial version of McAfee Internet Security.Lenovo 0A36285 battery


As already mentioned, the system memory, the hard drive, and the battery are located behind an easily removable plastic cover which is secured by two screws. Samsung Q310 Charger This seems a bit impractical for quick battery change, but it makes the device look elegant. Only minimal accessibility has been sacrificed in favor of the concept design.Samsung R40 Charger


2 years is the standard warranty available when the notebook is purchased from an official dealer.Samsung R410 Charger Otherwise, the period is halved to 1 year. Sony’s online shop offers an extension to 3 and 4 years costing 129.90 Euro (~$169) and 349.90 Euro (~$456) respectively.KeyboardSamsung R45 Charger
The chiclet keyboard shimmers in silver until it is lit from underneath, but then it really shines. Samsung R460 Charger The key lighting not only illuminates the captions but also builds a frame around the keys. As convenient as this might be, it is also annoying. When you sit at the wrong angle in front the device, you get an unwanted glimpse of the LEDs at work under the keys.Samsung R505 Charger

The typing experience is pleasant throughout. The grip, resistance, and pressure points are ideal. Thus, even prolonged work on the 15 x 15 mm (0.59 inches) keys is not strenuous. Each press of a key makes a subtle noise which is not disturbing. Though, if you want a particularly silent keyboard, this might become a problem.Samsung R510 Charger

Due to the size, there is no separate number pad. Above the keyboard are the additional controls. Samsung R60 Charger Next to the left speaker grill is a button that ejects the CD/DVD and a switch that changes the energy profiles (Stamina and Speed). These also have an effect on the fan. On the right, we find the power button (also angled) and three quick access keys. These start the diagnostic software VAIO Care, the default browser, and a customizable program.Samsung R610 Charger


The 118 x 62 mm touch pad looks monolithic. The practicality of this format becomes apparent as soon as you move the mouse cursor from one end of the screen to the other, without lifting your finger. The whole pad can be used, even the not specifically marked buttons. Samsung R65 Charger

Although in practice there is more space for cursor movement and gestures, it can be difficult to hold the mouse cursor steady while clicking.Samsung R70 Charger However, if you use only the finger tips, the buttons impress us with precision and crisp pressure point. Unfortunately the touch pad in the SV-S13A1Z9E left a much better impression.The inner workings of the Vaio are versatile but not specialized for any application. Samsung R710 Charger

The Intel Core i3-2350M with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 unites GPU and CPU and this saves weight and reduces the necessary cooling with no compromise on the performance.Samsung X360 Charger 4 GB RAM and a whisper quiet 500 GB HDD complete the picture. There are also the loud DVD drive and an Intel WLAN card. The various ports (3x USB, HDMI and VGA) make the device a handy companion that can also undertake some tasks that require higher performance.Samsung X460 X60 Charger

Without any clear specification, we can use the title “all-rounder” even if it should be used with caution. Samsung X65 Charger The Vaio really stands out with its components. Together, they ensure a wide range of use.The Vaio cannot go wrong with an Intel Core i3-2350M as the heart of the system. The Sandy Bridge dual-core processor runs at 2.3 GHz and is in the entry-level range of processors. Charger for Acer Timeline Ultra M3

The Cinebench R10 tests are conducted to determine the performance of the processors. Charger for Acer Aspire M5 In the 32-bit benchmark, the score was 2634 points with one core rendering, while both cores reached 6380 points. 2754 points was achieved in the Shading part of the benchmark. Charger for Acer Aspire S Series
There is not much difference in the 64-bit test – 1518 points for a single core and 7620 points in the multi-core test draw a similar picture. The 1599 points in Shading confirms this as well. Charger for Acer Aspire S3

Unfortunately the processor is clocked at the desired frequency (especially noticeable in the single core tests) which is disappointing. During the single-core test we noticed throttling to 800 MHz. There is no clear reason for this. Charger for Acer Aspire S7 Series

Although the 2.3 GHz frequency could be reached and maintained a couple of times, the benchmark results were still very low. Charger for Acer Aspire V3 This behavior was not observed in the multi-core test.What kind of components can you expect from a good looking notebook for 850 Euro? With a solid (though not exceptional) CPU/GPU combination and 4 GB DDR3 RAM with CL9 timing (9-9-24), the device performs decently. The above mentioned throttling of the processor does have a negative impact on the overall system performance. Charger for Acer Aspire 8943G

In the age of the SSDs, the Vaio SV-S1311G4E is equipped with a Seagate HDD. Although, it is no rival to an SSD, it does a good job for an HDD. Charger for Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G

On paper the combination looks great, but in practice, the two PCMark benchmarks do not show very good results. Charger for Acer Aspire One E100 Only 811 points in PCMark Vantage and 1666 in PCMark 7 were achieved. In order to even start the latter, we had to update the video drivers first as there was a known issue with the ones that the notebook came with, which made running the benchmark impossible. Charger for Acer Iconia 6120

Overall the device does not come close to the Samsung 530U3B which manages to get 1951 points in the PCMark 7 and 4585 in the PCMark Vantage to outclass the Sony S13. Here too, the CPU throttling prevents a better result. Charger for Acer Iconia 6886

  • ASUS B23 Battery

  • ASUS B23 Battery
  • ASUS B23 Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Asus OEM one!

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Toshiba Satellite S855 Battery

12. Oktober 2012

We are testing one of the lowest priced members from Lenovo’s IdeaPad N581 series with the IdeaPad N581-MBA4YGE. The laptop costs around EUR 400, sports a dual-core Pentium processor and relies on Window 7 as the operating system. Our test will show whether the device is worth its money.Asus A31-1015 Battery
Lenovo launches yet another series of all-round laptops with the IdeaPad N581 range. The line is comprised of innumerable models featuring various hardware configurations. Battery for Asus AL31-1015 More about that later. We tested one of the lowest-end members from the series. The test model harbors Intel’s Pentium B970 dual core processor, which is supported by four gigabytes of working memory. Intel’s HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge) is responsible for video output. Data is stored on a 500 gigabyte hard disk and the laptop also harbors a DVD burner.Battery for Asus A32-1015

We use HP’s Compaq Presario CQ58-148SG (Intel Pentium B950, Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge)) and Sony’s Vaio VPC-EH3C0E/W (Intel Pentium B960, Intel HD Graphics (Sandy Bridge)) to classify the device.Battery for Asus PL32-1015
The IdeaPad N581 is made completely of plastic. The lid’s rear is rubber-coated just like the wrist rest and keyboard bezel. Here, Lenovo makes reference to the ThinkPad series. The laptop does not feature many glossy parts due to the rubberized surfaces. The only exceptions are the screen and display bezel. The case’s workmanship is acceptable, although there are a few flaws. For example, a few places with sharp edges on the base unit’s sides.Asus Eee PC 1015PW Battery

The base unit basically conveys a solid impression. It hardly yields under pressure. Merely the bezel over the optical drive can be dented more intensely. The laptop only warps marginally when we pick it up at its opposite corners. The lid also can be twisted a bit. The hinges keep the display firmly in position. The lid rocks when we let go of it. It is possible to open the laptop with one hand if you lift the lid carefully.Battery for Asus UX31
Lenovo’s N581 does not bear any surprises when it comes to connectivity and presents the expected interfaces. It is great to see that Lenovo has given the laptop two USB 3.0 ports. Neither HP’s Compaq Presario CQ58-148SG nor Sony’s Vaio VPC-EH3C0E/W can serve with that.Battery for Asus ZenBook UX31

The test model we were supplied with is equipped with an undefined Wi-Fi module from Broadcom. Battery for Asus ZenBook UX31A The Wi-Fi module also harbors a Broadcom Bluetooth chip that supports version 4.0. Wired network connections are managed by Atheros’ AR8161/8165 chip (Gigabit Ethernet). A webcam is installed in the display bezel.Battery for Asus ZenBook UX31E


The usual accessories are included: a setup poster and two leaflets containing warranty information and safety instructions.Battery for Asus UX31 Ultrabook

Operating System and Recovery

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is installed as the operating system in the IdeaPad N581’s state of delivery.Battery for Asus UX31A Ultrabook A Windows 7 DVD is not included for the device. The system can be retrieved via a recovery partition. To initiate the recovery process, a small button beside the power button is pressed when the laptop is off. If you are planning to install a new hard disk, you will need to reinstall Windows 7 from a DVD. One of our news articles (German) reveals how the user can get a Windows 7 DVD free of charge.Battery for Asus UX31E Ultrabook


Lenovo installs quite a bit of software on the hard disk: McAfee Antivirus Plus (60 day trial version), Adobe Reader X, Google Chrome, Power2Go (DVD/CD burning application), CyberLink’s YouCam (webcam software), Microsoft Office 2010 Starter, Windows Live Essentials 2011.Battery for Asus C22-UX31

Beyond that, there are also a few tools from Lenovo. Two programs are particularly worth mentioning: Veriface and EE Boot Optimizer. Veriface is a face-recognition utility with which system access can be secured. EE Boot Optimizer is to optimize booting Windows 7. Charger for Toshiba PA5023U-1BRS


A big cover on the device’s bottom enables accessing the hard disk, working memory and Wi-Fi module. Charger for Toshiba PA5024U-1BRS The user can access two memory banks. Our test laptop is equipped with a four gigabyte module. The laptop supports a maximum working memory of 8 GB. The hard disk can be replaced in a few steps. The fan is also behind the maintenance cover, but it is not possible to clean it. However Lenovo has not forgotten to include a cleaning possibility. Charger for Toshiba PA5026U-1BRS

Lenovo’s energy management software includes a function called “Dust Cleaning”. Charger for Toshiba PA5025U-1BRS It is supposed to blow out accumulated dust from the cooling system when enabled. Time will tell how effective this function is.


Lenovo includes a 12 month bring-in warranty on the laptop. The customer sends the laptop directly to Lenovo in case of damage. The warranty can be upgraded to a period of 24 or 36 months. The price for this adds up to around EUR 30 or EUR 50 to EUR 60. Tip: All available warranty upgrades can be looked into on Lenovo’s online shop via the laptops serial number. Charger for Toshiba PA5027U-1BRS


Lenovo installs its own, well-known AccuType keyboard into the IdeaPad N581 that is also built into many other Lenovo laptops. Charger for Toshiba PABAS259 PABAS260 The keys feature a clear pressure point and a sufficient drop. One feature of Lenovo’s keyboards is the rather small “enter”, “backspace” and the right “shift” key. They are easily missed in the beginning and thus need a certain period of familiarization. Charger for Toshiba PABAS261


The laptop’s touchpad features a generous size of 10.2 x 5.4 cm. It is slightly lowered in the wrist rest and rubber-coated, just like the wrist rest. Charger for Toshiba PABAS262 The finger should not be pressed too hard on the touchpad when gliding over its surface because the rubber coat slows down the finger and makes gliding difficult. The touchpad’s right edge serves as the scroll bar. However, it is cannot be seen or felt since it is not marked. Charger for Toshiba PABAS263 The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures. Thus, functions like pinch-to-zoom are available. Both mouse keys are below the touchpad and feature a clear pressure point and short drop.
Lenovo’s IdeaPad N581-MBA4GE is a classic Office laptop for price-conscious buyers. Routine computing tasks, such as Internet communication, Internet browsing, Office tasks or video rendering, are no problem for the device. The latter also applies to HD videos. Charger for Toshiba Portege Z830

We tested playback with a video in FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and H.264 encoding. Charger for Toshiba Portege Z835 The processor’s capacity was averagely 21 percent (measured using DXVA Checker). The video was rendered smoothly. The same is true for YouTube videos in every quality level. Thus, the laptop is qualified as a quiet video player for the living room. Charger for Toshiba Portege Z930

Should you need more power in the one or other point, you can turn to one of the other models from the IdeaPad N581 range. Charger for Toshiba Portege Z935 Online shops currently list roughly twenty IdeaPad N581 versions. The models differ in CPU, working memory size, hard disk capacity and operating system. There are even alternatives that feature a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GT 610M GPU in addition to Intel’s integrated GPU. The prices range from EUR 350 to EUR 700. Charger for Toshiba PA5013U-1BRS
With 6:49 hours, the IdeaPad N581-MBY4YGE lasted the longest of the three comparison devices in idle mode. HP’s Compaq Presario CQ58-148SG (6:01h) and Sony’s Vaio VPC-EH3C0E/W (6:12h) lag behind clearly. Idle mode is ascertained via BatteryEater’s Reader’s test. The screen is set to minimum brightness, the energy-savings profile is enabled and the

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ASUS G73JH-TZ155V battery

3. Oktober 2012

It took a bit over a year before Dell updated its new Latitude range business laptops for the known reasons.ASUS G73JH-TZ011V battery Our review reveals which new features we can expect apart from Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge generation – and what the 14 inch business device has to set against the prestigious competition.
Malicious tongues may say: “Nothing’s changed except for the keyboard bezel’s color and the model number”. ASUS G73JH-TZ012V battery We don’t quite agree though – after all, newer processors and even USB 3.0 ports are now installed. However, a lot of things have been maintained. Indeed, the keyboard’s reddish rim has been replaced by a charcoal black, and as we believe, more business appropriate one. Otherwise, we are facing the same bulky and solid case that we examined extensively last year in the Latitude E6420.ASUS G73JH-TZ014V battery

Our test configuration adds up to about EUR 1225 plus shipping and thus offers a solid value for money ratio. ASUS G73JH-TZ034V battery However, the competition was not idle during the past year and released (partly updated) models in the price range of EUR 1200 to 1500 on the market. Our test device’s competition will be found in 14″ top-of-the-range models, such as Lenovo’s Thinkpad T430, HP’s Elitebook 8460p or other solid business laptops like Toshiba’s Tecra R840.ASUS G73JH-TZ059V battery
Since the case is identical to the previous model, with exception of the keyboard’s charcoal colored bed, as mentioned above, we would refer to the in-depth 2011 review of the E6420. Here, a brief summary:ASUS G73JH-TZ091V battery

The subjective first impression is solid – as usual. Dell touts the so-called Tri-Metal case to be in accordance with a military standard (i.e. concerns the case stability). Materials such as aluminum and magnesium (mainly for the chassis) are installed, partly prettily interwoven, to achieve the desired robustness.ASUS G73JH-TZ128V battery

The rigidness is still top-notch. Nothing yields, warps or dents. The hinges look like they could carry a much heavier burden, but they nevertheless allow us to open the lid easily and keep it precisely in the set opening angle (maximum approx. 185°).ASUS G73JH-TZ155V battery A lightly rubberized surface is used in the input devices’ area. Apart from the wrist rest’s subtle clatter when we “tapped” on it, we did not notice anything adversely – the E6430’s case makes a flawless impression.
The majority of ports have not been modified either. ASUS G73JH-TZ172V battery Except for the fact that now the much faster USB 3.0 standard is supported (2 ports on the case’s right) in contrast to the E6420 precursor, the available interfaces and their positioning is unchanged. This upgrade eliminates one of the biggest criticisms of the predecessor, where USB 3.0 was only available via accessories retail, and had to be swapped with the optical drive. This naturally angered many customers and was not uncontroversial in our forum.ASUS G73JH-TZ173V battery

The left rear corner harbors the power socket, RJ45 LAN port and a powered USB 2.0 port (for charging smartphones when the laptop is off), and a VGA out for connecting older monitors and projectors as well as an combo audio jack. A SmartCard reader is also located at the front left edge.Cheap G73JH-TZ207V battery

On the opposite side, so the right’s front edge, you will find a 45 mm ExpressCard slot, a slider switch for enabling/disabling wireless modules (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth). 2 USB 3.0 ports, a combined USB-2.0 / eSATA port, an HDMI port and a connection for Kensington laptop locks are distributed around the right rear corner.Cheap G73JH-TZ218V battery

A SD card reader is located on the front and – when required – a 56K modem can be installed at the rear. In addition to that, there is a docking port on the case’s bottom as usual.Cheap G73JH-TZ224V battery

Intel’s Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WLAN chip is installed in our configuration.Cheap G73JH-X1 battery It supports the b/g/n standards and can transmit screen content to compatible monitors/flat screens via Wireless Display technology. Wi-Fi reception is outstanding as expected from a good business laptop. Dell also installs Bluetooth 4.0 via a proprietary Wireless 380 module; Intel’s 82579LM adapter provides Gigabit Ethernet.Cheap G73JH-X2 battery


The customer’s security needs should be covered to a certain degree in the business field.Cheap G73JH-X3 battery Not for nothing does Dell install a SmartCard reader that manages access control when required in addition to the almost compulsory fingerprint scanner. A TPM (Trusted Platform Module) alongside software for data encryption and protection supplies everything that the business heart desires.Cheap G73JH-X5 battery


Apart from the user’s manual, a bit of information from the manufacturer, DVDs for the operating system, drivers as well as Dell’s software and the PSU, there are no accessories in the original box. Cheap G73JQ battery Of course you can buy or order a lot of accessories online or by phone as usual. They range from expansions for the DVD drive bay, such as docking stations (EUR 160 to 180) up to rather “common” accessories like mice, keyboards, external monitors and even laptop bags. A higher capacity, 9 cell battery to replace our 6 cell version, for example, costs additional EUR 59 and might be an interesting option for mobile customers.Cheap G73JW battery


Replacing the optical drive or the hard disk is very simple: Both components are (left/right on the case’s bottom) installed in slots and are easy to access from the outside. Cheap G73JW-3DE battery The DVD drive can be easily pulled out via a retractable catch, and be replaced by various accessories from Dell. Two cross slot screws have to be removed before taking out and replacing the hard disk. Another five screws have to be removed before the magnesium base plate opens to reveal a glimpse at the rest of the hardware. For example, the working memory can be exchanged or upgraded here (one slot is empty in our model).ASUS G73JW-91037V Charger


Dell standardly bestows their Latitude customers with a 36 month basic warranty on hardware. Of course, it is also possible to take advantage of online or telephone support for smaller issues. Moreover, you can also order Dell’s 3 year ProSupport and on-site service for EUR 154 instead of this standard warranty.ASUS G73JW-91093V Charger


As expected from a business laptop from this price range, a full-sized keyboard is installed although without a number pad due to the case’s 14 inch size. Subjectively, typing on this sample is very pleasant. The pressure point is nice and crisp. Typing however sounds a bit louder than usual and a bit clatterier, which is quite contrary to the keyboard’s solid, tactile feedback.ASUS G73JW-91094V Charger

The keys’ surface is again soft in contrast to the competition, but it is a lot sleeker – almost like Apple’s keyboards.ASUS G73JW-91116V Charger Other goodies include a backlit keyboard with 5 brightness levels and liquid ducts that, for example, conduct spilled coffee away from vital electronics to the outside. A track point is embedded in the center area that, alike the touchpad, is to implement mouse movements. But more about that in the following paragraphs.ASUS G73JW-91121V Charger


Dell does a virtually perfect job when it comes to the mouse replacement installed in the Latitude E6430. ASUS G73JW-91137V Charger The touchpad’s very subtly roughened surface lets you glide over it with ease and the pointer navigates precisely and accurately over the screen. Both soft-click buttons are located beneath the touchpad and are dedicated. They feature an agreeably long keystroke and can be pressed simultaneously to simulate a center wheel click. But they sound clatterier than the tactile feedback.ASUS G73JW-A1 Charger

The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom or popular two-finger scrolling and we were awed about its sleek feel in the test. Thus, scrolling is very smooth – almost like known from MacBooks – even and suave. You are transported gently to the top of a website in no time when two fingers quickly swipe upward.ASUS G73JW-TY098V Charger

Of course, some businesspeople have been using track points since their invention. The Latitude also adequately caters to this target group. The track point features a non-slip, dotted rubber surface. The three corresponding toggle buttons – between the keyboard and touchpad – do their job accurately and bid a crisp pressure point without producing a clattery noise.ASUS G73JW-TZ039V Charger

Eager users might reproach that some keys on the Latitude are no longer dedicated (e.g. print or break via the function key as a secondary assignment of another key) and are thus more difficult to trigger. However, the input devices’ other qualities convinced us completely. NP-P50 battery

Intel’s Core i5 3320M (details here) bids quite a lot for its comparatively low price in view of a default clock of 2.6 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.3 GHz and Hyper Threading technology. NP-P60 battery If that was too much jargon in a single breath, we will let the practical rates give you an impression of the CPU’s performance in the following.

Using Cinebench R11.5 (64bit, single), we first test how well Turbo Boost speeds up the processor or whether there are any throttling issues, so if it is slowed down due to temperatures. NP-R40 battery The Latitude E6430 excels in this test: It achieves the 15th overall place of all previously tested devices, which proves that the business laptop accelerates processes that only need one core properly.

HWInfo illustrates, as seen in the right screenshot, that Turbo works efficiently and, above all, permanently. NP-R65 battery One core appears to be pinned down at the maximum clock (3.3 GHz) already in the slowest measured speed (see right screenshot). However, both cores usually remain above 3 GHz. NP-R70 battery

This shows that it simply does not make sense to invest a lot of money in an expensive quad-core CPU for most applications (excepting highly parallelized ones such as video editing or high-end games). NP-R70 battery Our Core i5 3320M is even partly faster than laptops featuring a Core i7 3615QM! Even the Core i7 3520M in the more expensive Thinkpad T430 is only faster by insignificant 6%.

The multi-thread test, where processors can benefit from every additional core, is also finished well. Our device is located in the midfield. P210 battery The Thinkpad now has an 8% lead, HP’s Elitebook 8460p featuring a Core i7 2620M from the outdated Sandy Bridge generation lags behind our Latitude by 1%. Toshiba’s Tecra R840 featuring a Sandy Bridge Core i5 2520M falls behind by 7% and extracts a surprising amount from the somewhat slower processor.P460 battery

We conclude: performance doesn’t have to be very expensive; all devices here are roughly on a par in terms of performance. The Toshiba and our Latitude are even about EUR 300 cheaper than the HP or Lenovo. P50 battery
Battery Runtime

With its 6 cell battery that has a capacity of 62 Wh according to HWiNFO, our Latitude lasted for 8h and 46min in BatteryEater Reader’s benchmark before it had to be reconnected to the mains again (minimum brightness, disabled WLAN and enabled energy-savings mode). P560 battery Thus, you may be pleased if you like to read eBooks on the go.

Of course, our standardized Wi-Fi browsing test is more interesting for most readers as it allows conclusions on battery life in real-world conditions. Here, a few websites and online media (e.g. HD videos on YouTube) are visited and consumed via a script using enabled energy-savings mode and a screen brightness of roughly 150 cd/m2. Our Latitude lasts for 5h and 36min and is on a par with the Tecra R840. high quality P60 battery

The Elitebook 8460p lags behind with 5h and 13min and, with its much bigger 94Wh, 9 cell battery, Lenovo’s Thinkpad T430 only extracts about an hour more with 6h 29min. As mentioned, a battery with the same capacity is also available for our Latitude for fairly low EUR 59 extra and it should be good for up to seven hours away from the mains.high quality P60 Q210 battery

It is even possible to take DVDs along with you on the go. 4h 54min should be enough to easily watch two average-length blockbusters before the battery is drained.high quality Q310 battery

Our test device is exhausted after 1h 42min of heavy load (BatteryEater Classic). Thus, it also fares very well here and lasts roughly 20min longer than the comparison devices with a 6 cell battery. This confirms that the E6430 is more energy-efficient than its contenders.high quality R40 battery
As unspectacular and modest as business laptops may appear at first glance, you would never guess how much performance they often hide inside. Samsung R410 battery In the Latitude E6430’s case, we are faced with a slightly different case design – as usual, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but the other qualities of the aluminum/magnesium chassis are convincing. Its stability and rigidness pleases immediately – just like the solid hinges that have a firm grip but nevertheless allow the lid to be opened smoothly. Samsung R45 battery

Beyond that, the maximum opening angle of 185° allows work in every (im)possible position – the vents are placed so that using the device on the lap does not leave you gasping for air.high quality R460 battery

However, the competition also convinces with solid and rigid cases. We admit that we sooner have a cheap configuration. Thus, we have to painfully live without a HD+ screen, as used in the Thinkpad T430 or Elitebook 8460p, for example. high quality R505 battery The test of the prior Latitude E6420 shows that Dell’s HD+ screen option for mere EUR 37 extra would supply outdoor suitable brightness rates and thus be a very recommendable upgrade in contrast to our poor TN screen. cheap R510 charger

The noise produced by the keys while typing on them also seems loud and clattery. Samsung R60 battery The rest of our configuration is pleasing and the comparatively low-priced Latitude even breaks our record in PCMark 7’s computing test and beats the now second-placed device by a whole 18%. The conventional hard disk also writes and reads quite fast and places yet another cornerstone for the system’s very good speed. The modest as well as well-designed fan management also spares nerves, especially in larger offices.high quality R610 battery

In a nutshell: the purchase decision is yours – or better said, it depends on your intended use. If you like the case design, do not play sophisticated games and are not exactly planning to work with CAD software, there is absolutely nothing that speaks against the Latitude E6430. And it can be put on the desk at the office for a relatively low price.Cheap R65 battery

  • ASUS G73JW-TZ039Z Battery

  • ASUS G73JW-TZ039Z Battery
  • ASUS G73JW-TZ039Z Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Asus OEM one!

ASUS G73JW-TZ039Z battery
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ASUS G73JW-TZ039Z battery
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29. September 2012

Samsung is releasing another Series 3 notebook in the form of the NP355VC. This time around a Trinity dual-core processor from AMD and dual graphics are supposed to entice buyers. Battery HP 2000-413NR

More than 20 different models are currently provided by Samsung under the Series 3 banner. Among these are Samsung’s entry level notebooks with display sizes between 11.6 and 17.3 inches. Our reviewed model is the 355V5C with a 15.6-inch screen which is identical to the 350V5C, except that it contains an AMD processor.Battery HP 2000-416DX

A matte display, a high performance graphics card, and a price of about 550 Euro (~$715) make this an interesting laptop. Battery HP 2000-417NR These are the important features which are supposed to help the device stand out from the competition. Nevertheless, other manufacturers also provide comparable notebooks in this price segment. Among these are the Acer TravelMate 5760G and the Medion Akoya P6812, which however contain processors from Intel.Battery HP 2000-418US

Plastic is the main material of choice for the Samsung 355V5C in order to lower costs. The display lid is clad in shiny gray plastic. Battery HP 2000-420CA While opening the notebook, the user is greeted by a matte surface. For those that don’t take a liking to the gray display lid, there are also the colors blue and pink available as alternative choices. The color of the keyboard area and the palm rest also change accordingly. Regardless of this, the bottom of the notebook remains black in any case.Battery HP 2000-425NR

When it comes to the build, Samsung has allowed a few considerable blunders to sneak in. Battery HP 2000-427CL The sides, for example, don’t have perfectly sharp edges, and the gaps between adjacent panels are not even in some places. The resistance to pressure on the other hand is reasonably good, while only the left and right sides of the keyboard can easily be dented inwards. The palm resting area on the other hand only gives way with a lot of pressure. Another positive is the optical drive, which is firm and doesn’t wobble in its slot. In many cases this is an area of criticism for notebooks in this price segment.Battery HP 2000-428DX

The display is held in place by two hinges which aren’t able to prevent teetering of the display. Nevertheless, these are still too stiff to allow the display to be opened easily with one hand.Battery HP 2000-430CA

The battery is located on the bottom of the device, and is held in place by two hooks, and can be removed if required. Access to the cooling system in order to clean it is not possible with this Samsung notebook.Battery HP 2000-450CA

Music is emitted from the two speakers located above the keyboard below a metal mesh. The audio sounds a little thin due to the missing bass frequencies, although it is able to score points with a high volume, which additionally doesn’t suffer from the usual distortion characteristics.Battery HP 2000-453CA High and low frequencies sound relatively well balanced. Using the pre-installed Easy Settings software, it is also possible to adjust the equalizer setting as preferred.

For those that have an elevated requirement in terms of audio quality, the notebook provides the usual audio output via digital and analog ports for external headphones or speakers.Battery HP 8560w


From the perspective of interfaces, all the most important connectivity options for multimedia use should be included. And the new USB standard 3.0 wasn’t forgotten either. An ExpressCard slot for the addition of further interfaces such as FireWire or eSATA, has been omitted.Battery HP 8560w Mobile Workstations

All the interfaces have been spread across the sides of the notebook. Battery HP 8760w Whereby there are two USB ports on either side such that two Y-cables can be used. The two USB ports next to each other can however get in each other’s way if the USB sticks are too wide. In an ideal scenario, the video and LAN ports would be located at the back of the notebook in order to avoid a mess of cables on the desk. The position of the four status LEDs on the other hand is favorable, and also don’t annoy the user in dark surroundings.Battery HP 8760w Mobile Workstations

Input Devices


The keys in the chiclet keyboard have dimensions of 15.5 mm x 15 mm, and are therefore slightly rectangular. Battery HP 8460p These dimensions however only apply to the normal letter keys. The width of the numeric keypad keys lies at 13.5 mm due to the lack of space. This difference is however only optically significant, and doesn’t stand out in a negative way.Battery HP 8460w

What is negative however, are the rattling keys and the vibration of the keyboard base when the keys are pressed quickly. In addition to this, the relatively soft pressure point of the keys is also an area of criticism. Due to these characteristics, the keyboard gives a spongy typing feeling.Battery HP 8560w


The touchpad provides more than enough space even for big fingers, with its dimensions of 98 mm x 50 mm. Fingers glides easily and smoothly across the matte surface. Battery HP 8560p Precise navigation using the touchpad should therefore not have any obstacles in its way, if it wasn’t for the frustrating multi-touch scrolling. This only reacts about every fifth time to the input commands. In this case the response can be improved using the Synaptics software though, by enabling the side scroll strip. Another negative aspect is the very loud clicking mouse buttons which also come with short travel.Battery HP 6440b

Unusual for Samsung notebooks is the very low brightness of the display. Despite the prefix SuperBright, the average brightness only reaches a mediocre 207 cd/m². Battery HP 6360b The illumination distribution of 89% on the other hand stands out positively since this prevents any discrepancies from being visible. The contrast ratio of 195:1 on the other hand is too low, and can be due to the quality of the very affordable TN panel. Battery HP 6460b

Compared to its rivals, the contrast can however be classified as high since hardly any device in this price segment has a contrast ratio exceeding 200:1.Battery HP 6560b An IPS panel cannot be expected in this price segment in any case. As a special feature Samsung has installed Movie Color Enhancer, which automatically optimizes the displayed images while playing movies.Battery HP HSTNN-LB2I

The sRGB and AdobeRGB color spaces aren’t covered by our review sample.Battery HP 3ICR19/66-2 This requirement should only apply to professional use though, who need it for editing images. Compared to the competition from Dell and Medion, the display of the reviewed device is ahead in most areas.Battery HP 633733-321

When it comes to the system performance, the reviewed device is able to make a good impression. Battery HP 633805-001 With the PCMark 7 benchmark, the 355V5C is on a par with rivals like the Medion Akoya P6812, and the Samsung 300E5A-S01 which are both equipped with an Intel Core i3-2330M processor and an Nvidia GeForce GT 520MX or GT 555M graphics card. Battery HP HSTNN-DB2R

In addition, the Acer TravelMate 5760G-2454G50Mnsk (i5-2450M & GT 630M) is also within reaching distance with a small performance advantage of 3%. The reason for these good results is the relatively good performance of the dual graphics, the fast hard disk and 6 GB of RAM. Also the perceived performance makes a good impression, and doesn’t allow for prolonged waiting times.Battery HP HSTNN-DB3C

The hard drive with a capacity of 750 GB which rotates at a speed of 5400 rpm is made by Hitachi, and despite the low rotational speed, it emits a clearly noticeable clicking sound. With an average transfer rate of 82.2 MB/s and a high burst rate of 131.1 MB/s, the HDD is nevertheless able to keep up with faster spinning hard drives. It is the access time of 19.9 ms that is a little on the slow side.Battery HP HSTNN-LB2R An upgrade to an SSD would certainly raise the transfer rates considerably and access times as well as the system performance would also benefit from such a change. A comprehensive comparison between HDDs and SSDs can be found in our article SSDs and HDDs in comparison.Battery HP HSTNN-I02C

Power Consumption

The power consumption lies between 9.3 watts (Silent-Mode enabled) and 14.1 watts (Silent-Mode disabled) during idle state with average utilization. Battery HP HSTNN-I97C-3 When fully utilized a maximum of 67.1 watts are required, which can be considered very good in light of the provided graphics performance. Switching into Silent-Mode reduces the power consumption down to 55.8 watts. The 90 watts AC adapter should be more than enough in all scenarios, and charging the battery will also still take place while the notebook is fully utilized..Battery HP HSTNN-I97C-4

Power Consumption


All in all, Samsung has compiled a relatively comprehensive and high performance package. Anyone who can come to terms with the lower manufacturing quality and battery life could find the 355V5C to be a gaming capable multimedia notebook at an affordable price.Battery HP HSTNN-I98C-5

Those that place a high value on manufacturing quality, should take a closer look at the Acer Aspire V3-551G, although the matte display would have to be sacrificed with this choice.Battery HP HSTNN-I99C-3 The Medion Akoya P6812 on the other hand also has a matte display, and also offers a high performance graphics card and Intel CPU. The downside of this option is however the increased weight and bigger dimensions. Battery HP HSTNN-I99C-4

In both the case of the Medion and the Acer Aspire V3, users will also have to come to terms with sensitive shiny surfaces. Matte throughout are the Acer TravelMate 5760G and the Samsung 300E5A. In the latter case, the expectations from the graphics card would have to be curtailed however. In addition, both of these options would also imply that a USB 3.0 interface will no longer be available.Battery HP HSTNN-IB2R


  • HP HSTNN-OB2R Battery

  • HP HSTNN-OB2R Battery
  • HP HSTNN-OB2R Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the HP/Compaq OEM one! 

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HP EliteBook 8760w Battery

22. September 2012

HP expands their Ultrabook portfolio with the Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg – a sleek looking 13.3-inch system with aluminum chassis, the latest hardware, Beats Audio system, and a backlit keyboard. Does this notebook offer both style and substance? Laptop Battery ST09
Hewlett Packard increases the number of offerings in their portfolio of Ultrabooks and presents the Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg. Laptop Battery QK643AA The notebook features a glossy 13.3-inch display with a standard resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and weighs in at 1.41 kilogram (3.1 pounds).

The manufacturer seems to target customers looking for sleek design and superior workmanship. Laptop Battery QK642AA Important aspects of the premium package are the all-metal design and brushed aluminum surfaces. Other contenders in the top-tier of ultraportables are the MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 or the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A. Laptop Battery QK639AA

HP incorporates a middle-of-the-line Intel Core i5-3317U dual core processor (manufactured using the 22 nanometer process), which features a core frequency of 1.7 GHz. Laptop Battery HSTNN-W81C Graphics power is supplied by the integrated Intel GMA HD 4000 GPU. Additional hardware componentry consists of a 128 GByte SSD, 4 GByte of DDR3 RAM, current-generation wireless modules, as well as speakers from Beats Audio (several emblems on the notebook advertise this fact). Laptop Battery HSTNN-LB2G

The system retails for 999 Euro in Germany. Are we looking at a well-rounded contender for the demanding customer or is this a case of more style than substance? Laptop Battery HSTNN-I91C

The chassis of the Envy Spectre XT 13 is definitely an eye-catching design. Unlike Apple or Asus, HP does not use a one-piece aluminum unibody chassis, but rather combines brushed aluminum (keyboard area, display lid), soft-touch magnesium alloy (bottom), and glossy plastic (display bezel). Laptop Battery HSTNN-F11C

The mix of black and silver is both timeless and modern. We rather like the visual impact of the notebook – which is accentuated by the angular design and the wedge-shaped chassis. Laptop Battery HSTNN-F08C

Build quality is also high: no uneven gaps and clean transition areas between the different parts of the chassis. Battery For HSTNN-CB2F The notebook itself is pretty solid, although the base unit does deform somewhat when pressure is applied. We don’t think that this is something we would notice while using the notebook day in and day out. Battery For CC09

The display lid is torsionally not very rigid – but doesn’t creak when twisted. The hinges are stiff enough, although we noticed that the lid bounces a bit after an adjustment. A slight disadvantage: even though the battery is located in the front of the notebook, the base is not heavy enough to stay put – to open the lid, the base unit needs to be held down.Battery For CC06XL

An important decision factor in this class is the weight including battery. Battery For CC06X The Spectre XT tips the scales at 1.41 kilogram (3.1 pounds) – pretty average. The Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A weighs about the same, while the Toshiba Satellite Z930 is much lighter at 1.09 kilogram (2.4 pounds) . At 1.35 kilogram (2.98 pounds), the Apple MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 is only marginally lighter then our test system.Battery For CC06
The keyboard features individual keys (chiclet type) and fits in well with the overall look of the notebook.Battery For BB09 Getting used to typing doesn’t take long. The keys protrude slightly, feature decent travel, and have distinct feedback. The emitted sound is rather low in frequency and doesn’t get annoying even while typing for extensive periods of time. The large right shift key and the pleasant labeling of the keys help ergonomics.Battery For QK646AA

In the past, keyboards with backlight were only found on a few of the high-end laptops. Today, more and more offer this feature, including the HP Ultrabook. The illumination is quite pleasant, although there is only on/off – no brightness settings are offered.Battery For PR09 The backlight gets turned on via a function key (F5). Speaking of function keys: F1 through F12 require pressing of the “Fn” key. All in all we like the keyboard.

The touchpad sits slightly elevated in a recessed area (which is a bit larger than the touchpad itself) of the palm rest. Its size of 92 x 57 millimeter (3.82 x 2.24 inch) is sufficiently large.Battery For PR06 The touchpad supports multi-touch gestures; sliding the fingers across the surface is easy. The integrated mouse buttons are separated from the main area through a line. On the upper left there is a switch to turn the touchpad on and off. It usually took us several times before the LED on the left indicated that we were successful. It might have been better to offer a shortcut on the keyboard instead.Battery For HSTNN-Q89C LC32BA122
The communications options of the Envy Spectre XT 13 include what we’ve come to expect: aside from Gigabit Ethernet and WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n, there is Bluetooth 4.0 (the module is from Intel). Charger For HSTNN-Q88C-5 An advantage: the XT supports Intel Wireless Display (WiDi). In conjunction with a receiver, this technology allows wireless streaming of media content to a TV. This consumer Ultrabook does not include an integrated UMTS module (nor is a slot for one available). The 720p webcam features an integrated microphone and offers decent quality.Charger For HSTNN-Q88C-4

The box of the Spectre doesn’t offer big surprises. Aside from the notebook, its power adapter, and two short information pamphlets, HP includes a sleeve made from a velvety material. Charger For HSTNN-Q87C-5 Since this sleeve is not padded, we don’t think it’s suitable to protect the notebook adequately from the rigors of daily use.

As far as pre-installed software is concerned, the HP system manages to differentiate itself from the competition. Included are the starter edition of Microsoft Office 2010, a two-year full version of Norton Internet Security 2012, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (this photo editing software usually retails for about 60 Euro).Charger For HSTNN-Q87C-4

Since there is no maintenance cover, user access to components is restricted. Charger For HSTNN-OB2T To get to the inside, the entire bottom plate needs to be taken off. The process of separating the two halves is very difficult without the aid of a special plastic tool – it’s too easy to damage the chassis otherwise (and notebookcheck can’t assume any liability). Charger For HSTNN-OB2R

Considering the hardware, access is not really needed: the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard and the mSATA SSD is not a standard 2.5-inch drive. Charger For HSTNN-IB2R Theoretically the fan and the lithium ion battery could be removed – but it’s much better to let a service center conduct that kind of work.

HP offers a two year warranty with pick-up service. This warranty also covers the integrated battery. Charger For HSTNN-I99C-4 The power adapter carries a warranty of 12 months. We found information on HP’s website about an extension of the warranty to 36 months (reference code UM947E) , although we couldn’t find a price listed.
The Ultrabook is equipped with a glossy 13.3-inch screen (33 centimeter diagonal) which features a standard resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. There is no option for a higher resolution or a non-glare display.Charger For HSTNN-I99C-3 The HP Folio 13 Ultrabook offered a matte screen.

Asus’ Zenbook Prime UX31A is a 13.3-inch Ultrabook with a FullHD display (FHD, 1920 x 1080 resolution) and costs only slightly more.Charger For HSTNN-I98C-5 Since the Spectre has HDMI out, it’s no problem to hook up an external monitor or a TV. We tested the output and found no issues with the signal quality.

To determine brightness, we use the Gossen Mavo-Monitor. We recorded an average brightness of only 190 cd/m² for the panel (LGD0368) – middle of the road at best. Charger For HSTNN-I97C-4 Brightness distribution is pretty even at 88 percent. We don’t think that the offered resolution and the brightness values are good enough for a premium Ultrabook.
The Spectre XT 13-2000eg features a fairly common processor from manufacturer Intel. Cheap Battery HSTNN-I97C-3 The Core i5-3317U is an energy efficient dual-core processor with a base frequency of 1.7 GHz. We encountered this particular CPU in quite a few of our test systems already. The processor is part of the Ivy Bridge generation and manufactured using the 22 nanometer process. It features “3D” transistors which, depending on the situation, either allow for higher performance or better efficiency. Cheap Battery HSTNN-I02C

Turbo Boost allows for overclocking up to 2.6 GHz when one core is used or 2.4 Ghz when both cores are in use. During idle, the processor clocks down to a very efficient 800 MHz (SpeedStep).Cheap Battery HSTNN-LB2R

For graphics duties, the Spectre uses the integrated Intel GMA HD 4000 GPU, which supports DirectX 11 and handles everyday tasks pretty well. Cheap Battery HSTNN-DB3C Those interested in a gaming system better look elsewhere though. Our test system came equipped with 4 GByte DDR3 RAM and a 128 GByte SSD (mSATA). The RAM is not upgradable since the module is soldered directly onto the motherboard. At he time of writing, HP did not offer different hardware components for the Envy Spectre XT 13.Cheap Battery HSTNN-DB2R
System Performance
Overall performance is quite good. Program windows open quickly and the user hardly ever has to wait for the system to respond. Cheap Battery 633805-001 One reason for the snappy response is the integrated Solid State Drive (SSD). Very quick access times minimize the overall response time – once used to that, it is kind of hard to go back to a system with a platter-based hard drive.Cheap Battery 633733-321

PCMark 7 – the current system benchmark test from Futurmark – confirms the subjective impression with a result of 5258 points. Cheap Battery 633733-1A1 Ultrabooks with a traditional hard drive are about 30 to 40 percent slower. The Lenovo IdeaPad U310, which features a 500 GByte hard disk drive, only reaches 3491 points in the same test (a difference of 33 percent).Cheap Battery 3ICR19/66-2
Because of the low overall weight, the potential buyer might be tempted to use the Spectre XT on the lap while on a train or in a car. HSTNN-LB2I The surface temperature of the notebook is certainly an important consideration for this scenario. While performing office duties, the chassis only gets slightly warm to warm. We measured a maximum of 36.6 degrees Celsius (97.88 degrees Fahrenheit) – an acceptable value.Cheap Battery 6560b

Under load, the measured temperature increases significantly: we recorded a maximum of 62.6 degrees Celsius (144.68 degrees Fahrenheit). The bottom of the notebook is now almost uncomfortably hot; the protruding keys and the palm rest are also too warm. Battery HP 6460b

Most notebook in this class top out at between 40 to 45 degrees Celsius (104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). Battery HP 6360b We think that 15 degrees Celsius is just too much of a difference. The notebook could use a more efficient cooling system and a more quiet cooling fan. Additionally, the fan exhaust at the rear could be bigger to allow more hot air to escape. Battery HP 6440b

Since we measured somewhat excessive temperatures, we were eager to see if throttling would be an issue. Battery HP 8560p We subjected the system to maximum load (Furmark + Prime 95) and observed that Turbo Boost turns off rather quickly. According to HWiNFO, this happens at approximately 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit). The frequency now drops to 1.7 GHz and CPU loses performance. Battery HP 8560w

Hot or overheated components are not the culprit here – we suspect that HP uses a BIOS setting to disable Turbo Boost rather quickly when temperatures go up. Maybe the insufficient cooling system was taken into consideration here. Battery HP 8460w

Performance remained reduced directly after the stress test. CineBench R11.5 (Multi-CPU, 64-Bit) resulted in 1.69 points instead of the previously recorded 2.43 points. Battery HP 8460p This is a difference of 30 percent. When we ran just CineBench over an extended period of time, we couldn’t reproduce this scenario. Even gaming with the resolution set to 1366 x 768 couldn’t stress the hardware the same way. Maybe playing Battlefield 3 with an external monitor could achieve the same result – but of course the internal graphics card is not really up to this task. Battery HP 8760w Mobile Workstations
Battery Life
We use three different tests to determine the battery life of the systems we review. For the first one – the Battery Eater Classic Test – we turn the display brightness up all the way, activate wireless and bluetooth, and turn the keyboard backlight on. HSTNN-I91C The Spectre lasted for 92 minutes before we had to plug it back in. The Reader’s Test (simulated reading of a text document) is quite the opposite: display brightness is all the way down and wireless turned off. HSTNN-W81C

The system lasted over 10 hours using the aforementioned settings. HSTNN-I90C It has to be said though that this scenario is rather unrealistic, especially when we consider the glossy screen, which is almost impossible to read in bright environments when the screen is turned down all the way. HSTNN-OB2H

To find the medium ground between the two extremes, we run our WLAN-Surf Test. Here we have the screen brightness set to 150 cd/m² and have an automated script visit a different website every 40 seconds. HSTNN-F11C The Envy Spectre XT 13 shut down after 5 hours and 14 minutes – an acceptable result for the class and the size of the battery. HP claims a battery life of up to seven hours but doesn’t explain how the test was conducted.
After the conclusion of our review of the HP Envy Spectre XT 13-2000eg Ultrabook, we are left with mixed feelings. HSTNN-OB2G We are impressed with the sturdy and good-looking aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis, the well-designed input devices (including the keyboard backlight), as well as the performance of the components.

On the other hand, the system has some negative attributes: a pretty mediocre display, an annoying cooling fan, and the tendency to run really hot. The up-to-date port selection and the speakers from Beats Audio are great features, but don’t influence the final result very much. HSTNN-F08C

Speaking of the port selection: we would have liked to see an additional USB 3.0 port or a Thunderbolt connector. Expansion is also a weak point: the user needs to remove the entire bottom of the chassis – only to be faced with RAM that is soldered onto the motherboard and a (rather exotic and expensive) mSATA SSD solution. Throttling was observed but is only an issue when the system is under full load. We didn’t encounter any issues during daily use. HSTNN-F10C

All in all, this is a not a bad Ultrabook. Because of the strong plus points, the overall rating is still good. We hope that HP will rectify the shortcomings – serious flaws are not really an option in this hotly contested segment. Two very strong competitors are the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A and the Apple MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012. HSTNN-I93C

  • HP EliteBook 8760w Battery

  • HP EliteBook 8760w Battery
  • HP EliteBook 8760w Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the HP/Compaq OEM one!

HP EliteBook 8760w battery
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HP EliteBook 8760w battery
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kohjinsha Battery ,kohjinsha Charger/AC Adapter

4. September 2012

lg Battery ,lg Charger/AC Adapter Not much has been heard from the South Korean manufacturer for quite a long time.GATEWAY MX3228 battery LG is now attempting a comeback on the notebook market. One of the first devices that LG is launching is the P420-N.AE21G. At first glance, the laptop looks like an Apple product because it is – like a majority of others, too – mostly made of white plastic. GATEWAY MX3228H battery LG installs a 14 inch screen into this notebook.

kohjinsha Battery ,kohjinsha Charger/AC Adapter That wouldn’t be anything special on its own. But the lid is about 40 percent thinner than in other comparable laptops. Consequently, the P420’s "thickest" place is only 25.9 mm thin. Moreover, the 14 inch screen is almost stretched up to the narrow frame’s limits. LG has managed to build a bigger screen into a case with a width of only 33.3 cm with this "trick".GATEWAY MX3230 battery

gateway Battery ,gateway Charger/AC Adapter The notebook looks as if it is a device from the 13 inch category.GATEWAY MX3230H battery

A Core i5-2410M works inside the P420-N.AE21G. It’s a dual core CPU from the latest Sandy Bridge generation and has a system clock of 2.3 GHz. In addition to the embedded Intel HD Graphics 3000, it has a dedicated entry-level graphics card, Nvidia’s GeForce GT 520M, for taking care of the video output. LG gives the P420 laptop a 4 GB DDR3 module and a 2.5 inch hard disk with a (gross) memory of 500 GBs.GATEWAY MX3231 battery

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit is used as the operating system in this notebook. LG has built in WLAN, Bluetooth and Gigabit LAN for communication matters. A UMTS/3G module isn’t installed. LG recommends a retail price of about 800 euros.GATEWAY MX3235M battery

Only a keyboard without a separate number pad comes in question for the P420 due to its compact design. Our isolation keyboard’s key arrangement corresponds to the QWERTZ layout, whereby many keys have a double or even four-fold assignment. There are no hotkeys, such as a multimedia button, on the notebook.GATEWAY MX3558 battery

The user can freely map two FN key combinations with functions or programs. Wireless and Bluetooth connections can be enabled or disabled directly with the FN and F6 keys. It’s only too bad that both wireless connections are always disabled at the same time.GATEWAY MX3558H battery

The four arrow keys, located on the keyboard’s right as usual, are extremely small. The left shift key and the CRTL key could also be a bit bigger.GATEWAY MX3560 battery

The single keys are easy to press and the key drop is agreeably short. Typing during the test period was very pleasant and no disagreeable typing noises were heard.GATEWAY MX3560H battery

There is a fairly small touchpad in front of our QWERTZ keyboard. It hardly looks any different than the wrist rest. GATEWAY MX3562 battery The touchpad surface is only delimited by a small, higher bezel. There is no palpable difference between the wrist rest’s and touchpad’s surface. The surface doesn’t have its own texture and neither differs in color nor in feel from the rest of the laptop. We didn’t notice a negative impact on accuracy or responsiveness, though. The inputs, respectively gestures are executed / implemented right away.GATEWAY MX3563 battery

You first realize that you’ve left the touchpad field when the cursor no longer responds to finger inputs. There is a field for 2-way scrolling on the touchpad’s right and works very well within documents and long websites. The input device can be disabled or enabled via "FN" + "F5".GATEWAY MX3563H battery

There is a – at least the way it looks – big mouse bar in front of the touchpad. However, the bar is only responsive at two points, namely its outer right and left.GATEWAY MX3610 battery
Almost two years have passed since Acer failed to bring its Aspire 5738DG 3D notebook to the buyers’ attention. Hardly anyone wanted the 15.6 inch weak gamer (Radeon HD 4570). It could only conjure a gloomy and quite limited 3D effect with the polarized eyeglasses. Additionally, the GPU calculated the fields and caused the frames to cave-in by 50% during gaming. GATEWAY MX3631M battery

The manufacturers quickly discarded polarizers and Nvidia’s 3D Vision with active shutter glasses became standard among 3D laptops (usually 120 Hz screens). Even Acer had a 3D Vision notebook at the beginning of October 2010 called Aspire 5745DG and showed that TriDef 3D (polarizer technology software) was obsolete.GATEWAY NX200 Series battery

Now an LG Electronics A520-T.31G faces us that relies just on this polarizer technology from 2009. Back to the past? Is the Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) screen better than Acer’s technology from back then? All information about 3D effects and the multimedia laptop can be found in our detailed review.GATEWAY NX200S battery

LG’s 15.6-inch model is in a case made of plastic and brushed, painted aluminum.KOHJINSHA SA5ST12A battery The lid’s black surface and the wrist rest usually have a cool touch, depending on the operating mode. They are also pressure resistant. We can even only depress the lid lightly over the surface. The qualitative aluminum surfaces however have a problem: Fingerprints stick to them like glue. Not all fingerprints disappear even after intense rubbing with a cleaning cloth.KOHJINSHA SA5ST12F battery

The case is sufficiently rigid, but can be warped a bit with applied force. The bottom has a few maintenance covers that clearly yield. The display hinge is mounted tightly to the case and lets the lid hardly teeter. Although the screen is kept firmly in place, we only need one hand to open the notebook due to the base unit’s high weight.KOHJINSHA SA5SX04A battery

LG’s 15.6 incher is meagerly equipped with connections. Conventional interfaces, such as eSATA and ExpressCard34 aren’t installed. That will hit demanding users hard since they can’t use their external eSATA hard disks any more. KOHJINSHA SA5SX04BS battery Retrofitting a controller isn’t possible (via ExpressCard). Not even the old standard, FireWire, is on board to transfer movies from the camcorder. We ask ourselves, in face of this inadequacy, why a Cyberlink BluRay Disc Suite 7 is included when the interfaces for recording equipment are suboptimal.KOHJINSHA SA5SX08CN battery


The arrangement of the ports is also unfavorable. The front-heavy placement of the left ports could obstruct placing a mouse or at least look unsightly. It wouldn’t have been wrong to banish unwieldy VGA, HDMI and Ethernet cables to the rear. Regrettably, this luxury is only available in very few laptops, especially in business devices.KOHJINSHA SA5SX12A battery

A polarizing filter in the form of eyeglasses is needed to mix the two 3D field images. There is an attachment for persons who wear glasses. If you’d like to watch a 3D movie on the screen with friends, you can simply buy another pair of these affordable eyeglasses for about 15 euros (Philips Easy 3D polarizer glasses).KOHJINSHA SA5SX12F battery

Why an A520 owner should remove the optical drive and replace it with the plastic cover – we don’t know. A few grams can of course be saved this way, but the 50 grams from the BluRay drive doesn’t matter at a weight of 2.55 kilograms. The cover is not a bezel for a hard disk!KOHJINSHA SH battery

Cyberlink’s BluRay Disc Suite 7 is a consumer focused multi-tool for creating BluRay content. Too bad that it’s not a burner, but only a BluRay reader (HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CT30N). Thus, only the good old DVD-Rs can be burnt. At least the included Power DVD 9 player can play 3D BluRays.KOHJINSHA SH610BH battery

kohjinsha Battery ,kohjinsha Charger/AC Adapter There are no data carriers included, only instructions for quick start, recovery and 3D. The user has to create the recovery DVD (via LG Smart Recovery).KOHJINSHA SH610BHC battery A polarizing filter in the form of eyeglasses is needed to mix the two 3D field images. There is an attachment for persons who wear glasses. If you’d like to watch a 3D movie on the screen with friends, you can simply buy another pair of these affordable eyeglasses for about 15 euros (Philips Easy 3D polarizer glasses).KOHJINSHA SH610BS battery

gateway Battery ,gateway Charger/AC Adapter Why an A520 owner should remove the optical drive and replace it with the plastic cover – we don’t know. A few grams can of course be saved this way, but the 50 grams from the BluRay drive doesn’t matter at a weight of 2.55 kilograms. The cover is not a bezel for a hard disk!KOHJINSHA SH6KR12A battery

lg Battery ,lg Charger/AC Adapter Cyberlink’s BluRay Disc Suite 7 is a consumer focused multi-tool for creating BluRay content. Too bad that it’s not a burner, but only a BluRay reader (HL-DT-ST DVDRWBD CT30N). Thus, only the good old DVD-Rs can be burnt. At least the included Power DVD 9 player can play 3D BluRays.KOHJINSHA SH6KT12A battery

There are no data carriers included, only instructions for quick start, recovery and 3D. KOHJINSHA SH6KT12F battery The user has to create the recovery DVD (via LG Smart Recovery).


  • KOHJINSHA SH6KX04A Battery

  • KOHJINSHA SH6KX04A Battery
  • KOHJINSHA SH6KX04A Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Samsung OEM one! This laptop battery uses high quality battery cells.Our Checkout Process is 100% secure. Your order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure (SSL) server technology.

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LG Battery ,LG Charger/AC Adapter

3. September 2012

lg Battery ,lg Charger/AC Adapter A few short weeks ago, we tested the Acer Aspire One 722 in our laboratory. LG P1-J101A battery Acer has now sent us another netbook, the Acer Aspire One 725. The One 725 uses the same AMD C-60 processor and AMD Radeon HD 6290 graphics card used in the previous Aspire One 722. The dual-core AMD C-60 has a 1.0 GHz base clock that can be dynamically overclocked to 1.3 GHz using AMD’s Turbo Core technology. The processor-integrated AMD Radeon HD 6290 has a clock speed of 400 MHz and supports both DirectX 11 and Shader Model 5.0. LG P1-J102A battery


kohjinsha Battery ,kohjinsha Charger/AC Adapter As was the case in the previous Acer Aspire One 722, LG P1-J24PV1 battery the Aspire One 725 uses a glossy display. Our test system has 4 GB of RAM instead of the 2 GB of the previously tested Aspire One 722. The notebook does not have an internal optical drive.In this review, we compare the 11.6-inch Acer Aspire One 725 to the preceding Acer Aspire One 725, specifically the Aspire One 725-C62kk.LG P1-J2A8A battery


gateway Battery ,gateway Charger/AC AdapterThe case of the Acer Aspire One 725 has only changed minimally when compared to the preceding Aspire One 722. LG P1-J2CJV1 battery One of these changes is the display lid which no longer has the prominent, stylish water drop pattern that was previously used. Instead, the case now has a simple, monochromic design available in either Volcanic Black or Caribbean Blue.LG P1-J2MXV1 battery


In our testing, the case appeared to be relatively stable and only under significant specific pressure did the case materials begin to flex. LG P1-J2PAV1 battery The display hingesalso performed well. The display lid has a very wide maximum opening angle of 150 degrees, impressive for the 11.6-inch notebook. On the other hand, we found the sharp edges of the device, especially around the LAN port where one might get cut, to be less favorable. The device’s physical dimensions – 1.2 kg (2.6 pounds) and 11.6-inch width – make the netbook well-suited for mobile use. LG P1-J2RRV1 battery


The Acer Aspire One 725 has one major highlight in its communications options, namely its Bluetooth 4.0 module. Only a few netbooks, such as the preceding Acer Aspire One 722-C62kk, provide this current standard which both consumes less power than previous Bluetooth versions and increases the effective range of Bluetooth communications to 100 meters.LG P1-J2SDF battery


Unfortunately, the 11.6-inch Aspire One 725 does not support Gigabit LAN. LG P1-J7P1A battery Instead, users are limited to the Fast Ethernet speeds of 10 and 100 Mbit/s supported by the Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller.Wi-Fi is provided by the Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless Network Adapter. The Aspire One 725 is not equipped with a UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) module.LG P1-JDGAG battery



The Acer Aspire One 725 comes with only the bare necessities. The netbook comes with its battery, an AC adapter, and some printed documentation.LG P1-JDGBG battery


Even by netbook standards, the Aspire One 725 comes with a very short 12 month warranty. A 24 month warranty is typically standard for this class of devices.LG P1-JDGDG battery While the preceding Aspire One 722’s warranty could be extended by 12 or 24 months for a premium of 45 or 89 Euro ($55 or $109 USD), Acer’s website does not provide any information regarding warranty extension for the Acer Aspire One 725.LG P1-JDGCG battery

As part of the Aspire One 722 model line, our test model uses the same case as the already-reviewed Aspire One 722-C52kk and has the same strengths and weaknesses. LG P1-JDGFG battery The display lid is visually attractive with its ripple pattern but can quickly become annoying in practical use because of the visibility of fingerprints, scratches, and dust on the glossy surface. The material surrounding the keyboard is better and less flashy. KOHJINSHA SR8WP06F battery

The display frame and base unit are both stable and not easily flexed. On the other hand, the keyboard area is less resistant to selective pressure, especially the keypad and wrist rest area to the left of the touchpad. Both bend under even light pressure. The display hinges are tight and allow a very large opening angle without any wobbling.KOHJINSHA SR8WX06CN battery

As with the case, the interfaces are the same as in the Aspire One 722-C52kk. The three USB ports and the SDHC card reader managed transfer speeds of 27.1 MB/s and 14.2 MB/s respectively. External display connectivity is available via the VGA and HDMI ports. KOHJINSHA SX battery Both are capable of good picture qualities at a maximum resolution of 1680×1050, although the HDMI delivers a slightly sharper picture. There are both pros and cons to the arrangement of the interface. KOHJINSHA SX3WP06MA battery

The USB ports on the right side are located toward the back and allow for easier cable management, but the space between them is narrow and larger USB connectors cannot be used simultaneously. The port spacing on the left side is larger but the ports themselves are located more toward the front and may cause cables to become entangled. KOHJINSHA SX3WP06MF battery

The keyboard uses normal-sized 19 mm (0.75 in) keys in a high-contrast layout. KOHJINSHA SX3WX06MA battery All important functions are available via Fn-key combinations. The keys themselves have a short key drop and a soft, indefinite pressure point. As such, the keyboard tends to bounce and bend more or less across the entire keyboard surface. The keys make an unobtrusive mechanical typing sound but the larger keys, such as the space bar and return key, rattle a little.KOHJINSHA SX3WX06MF battery

The touchpad uses a large, structured surface that allows for smooth gliding. KOHJINSHA SA battery Usual multi-finger gestures are supported and the touchpad can be turned on and off using an Fn-key combination. We found the one-button design of the touchpad to be unpleasant. The button itself is thin and the button drop is too small. There is room for improvement in terms of ease of use. The middle of the button has a worse reaction than the already-long reaction times and makes it difficult to use both left and right buttons simultaneously.KOHJINSHA SA1F0 battery

We measured a black level of 1.4 cd/m2 and a corresponding contrast ratio of 186:1. This low contrast is noticeable in the display’s weak colors. Black tones appear dark grey and whites appear light grey. This effect is typically more visible on matte screens and our test sample’s glossy screen appeared subjectively better. The glossy screen also results in a somewhat sharper display as compared to a matte screen. The display of our test unit was able to reproduce only 59 percent of the sRGB color space and is comparable to other standard displays. KOHJINSHA SA1F00A battery

For the Aspire One 722-C62kk, Acer replaced the dual-core AMD C-50 CPU with a more powerful AMD C-60 dual-core CPU which can dynamically overclock its base 1 GHz clock to 1.3 GHz. KOHJINSHA SA1F00KH battery Another advance is the AMD Radeon HD 6290 graphics card which can also dynamic overclock to 400 MHz and promises improved performance. The single-channel memory controller, shared graphics memory, and thermal design power (TDP) remain unchanged. KOHJINSHA SA1F00B battery


The system includes one 2 GB memory module which should be sufficient for more applications. Those who work with large picture files or other memory-intensive programs may choose to expand the system to its maximum memory size of 4 GB by either replacing the included 2 GB module or adding an additional 2 GB module. KOHJINSHA SA1F00KHC battery

The AMD C-60 CPU has a variable clock rate that ranges from 800 MHz in energy-saving mode to a standard 1000 MHz to a Turbo Core speed of 1300 MHz. KOHJINSHA SA1F00KS battery The additional clock speed when compared to the AMD C-50 is reflected in the better CPU benchmark scores. We observed between 100 and 300 points more in the various Cinebench CPU benchmarks reflecting a 10 to 20 percent increase and the wPrime 1024m benchmark required 25% less time at 2767 seconds. KOHJINSHA SA5KL08A battery Performance-intensive applications make use of AMD’s Turbo Core technology which provides a noticeable increase in performance. This was evident in iTunes’s MP3-to-AAC conversion where we observed a conversion speed of 8.7x, a 90 percent increase over the AMD C-50’s 4.5x conversion speed. KOHJINSHA SA5KL08F battery

On the other hand, the PCMark benchmark tests did not show as much of a performance gain. KOHJINSHA SA5KX08AL battery The Aspire One 722-C62kk achieved 1782 points in PCMark Vantage and 785 points in PCMark 7 as compared to the 1582 points and 747 points respectively of the AMD C-50. These scores show a 5 to 12 percent performance increase, clearly below the results of the pure CPU benchmarks. GATEWAY 3522GZ battery

While the results of our system performance tests clearly place the Aspire One 722-C62kk at the lower end of the performance spectrum, we found that one can subjectively work fluidly. GATEWAY 3545GZ battery Program starts may take more time than usual but longer waits and system hang-ups are very rare. All in all, the Acer Aspire One 722-C62kk is on the same level as Intel-based netbook competitors. The Acer Aspire E-series features AMD Fusion APUs and offers more performance. GATEWAY 3525GB battery


In order to judge hardware performance when editing photographs, we tested the Aspire One 722-C62kk with various Photoshop Elements tasks. GATEWAY 3550GH battery The system was easily capable of opening 30 picture files ranging in size from 1 to 2 MB (shown in the model pictures) and handled our typical tests. Larger 10 MB image files caused some system slowing and the tasks took longer. As the opening of the files only placed a 50 to 60 percent load on the CPU, the limiting factors are the hard disk transfer speed and memory size. GATEWAY 3550GZ battery


It would be possible to speed things up using more memory or a faster hard drive. GATEWAY 3610GZ battery We were able to properly execute the liquefy, charcoal, and twirl filters but required more processing time than usual. Larger image sizes obviously required longer processing and wait times. The largest barrier to ambitious users is the glossy screen as its small color space, low resolution, and small viewing angle will satisfy only the casual photographer. GATEWAY M210 Series battery

We also tested the performance of the MSI Digi Vox Diversity DVB-T stick. With its two tuners, the DVB-T is capable of either dual-tuning for better reception or viewing one program while recording another. GATEWAY M250A battery Using the Arcsoft TotalMedia software, the C-60 CPU was more than capable of viewing TV programs and simultaneous viewing and recording. We measured CPU loads of 32 percent and 45 percent respectively for these tasks. GATEWAY M250 Series battery

Full HD movie playback was possible without any dropped frames. Using Media Player Classic, we observed a 20 to 30 percent CPU load while playing Big Top Bunny and 300 in H.264 format. GATEWAY M250E battery Playing Windows Media Video (WMV) files in Windows Media Player was also possible without stuttering. We observed CPU loads of 9 to 15 percent while playing back Elephants Dream and Coral Reef Adventure. GATEWAY M250B battery

The Aspire One 722-C62kk features a conventional Western Digital 5400 RPM 320 GB hard drive. For a netbook, this is a lot of space for storing movies, pictures, and other data. We observed a data transfer rate of 65 MB/s, making this drive one of the slower mid-range drives we have tested. GATEWAY M250G battery An entry level solid state drive (SSD) could offer more speed but may also be bottlenecked by the CPU itself. An mPCI-Express, but not mSATA, SSD module could be added as an option in the free slot mentioned in the Maintenance section.GATEWAY M250ES battery

The graphics performance of the Acer One 722-C62kk benefits from the dynamic clock speed of the AMD Radeon HD 6290 and performed better in all graphical benchmarks than the Radeon HD 6250 used in the Aspire One 722-C52kk. GATEWAY M250GS battery The C62kk achieved 466 points in 3DMark Vantage and 200 points in 3DMark 11 as compared to the Radeon HD 6250 which achieved 423 and 186 points respectively. We also noticed that the 3DMark 11 score was higher at 212 points when in energy-saving mode. One possible explanation is that the reduced CPU power consumption at 800 MHz might allow the GPU to operate at maximum speed for longer periods of time until the maximum total power consumption limit is reached. This GPU is sufficient for all normal office tasks, Internet, video playback, image processing, and TV. GATEWAY MX3000 Series battery


We were able to play the relatively undemanding World of Warcraft at 39 fps in low details at the native resolution and 47 fps and 23 fps in low and medium settings at a lower resolution. GATEWAY MX3042 battery As a result, we conclude that the Aspire One 722-C62kk is insufficient for playing recent 3D games or for software with an emphasis on 3D graphics. GATEWAY MX3044 battery

lg Battery ,lg Charger/AC Adapter The Aspire One 722-C62kk includes a 6-cell built-in battery with a rated capacity of 48 Wh and a 270 gram (0.6 pound) weight. This capacity corresponds to what one might expect from most notebooks from the netbook class. The 6-cell battery raises the back end of the notebook slightly and some may opt for the smaller and lighter 3-cell battery (model number BT.00303.022) that is available for about 80 Euro ($99 USD). GATEWAY MX3044H battery

kohjinsha Battery ,kohjinsha Charger/AC Adapter The previously mentioned increase in power consumption resulted in an observed reduction in battery runtime. In the BatteryEater Reader Test, with minimum brightness and all wireless modules disabled, our Aspire One 722-C62kk achieved a runtime of 549 minutes, approximately 100 minutes less than the slower Aspire One 722-C52kk. GATEWAY MX3050B battery


gateway Battery ,gateway Charger/AC Adapter In other tests, our sample Aspire One 722-C62kk performed better. In the Wi-Fi surfing test, with an approximate brightness of 150 cd/m2 (level 5) and a balanced profile, the battery lasted 407 minutes. Movies played back from the hard disk, at brightness level 7 and wireless modules off, drained the battery in 342 minutes. GATEWAY MX3210 battery To determine the minimum runtime, we used the BatteryEater Classic Test with a higher power profile, maximum brightness, and all wireless modules turned on. We recorded a runtime of 201 minutes in this scenario. It should be noted that the results of the Reader Test are merely a speculative, theoretical value and there should be no significant loss of battery runtime in practical use when compared with the slower 722-C52kk. GATEWAY MX3212 battery


  • GATEWAY MX3215 Battery

  • GATEWAY MX3215 Battery
  • GATEWAY MX3215 Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Dell OEM one! This laptop battery uses high quality battery cells.Our Checkout Process is 100% secure. Your order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure (SSL) server technology

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Apple MA458G/A Battery

29. August 2012

In the shadows of the MacBook Pro 15 Retina introduced at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2012,Apple PowerBook G4 15inch battery the new MacBook Air almost played a walk-on role. Absolutely wrongly. Since the Late 2010 generation, Apple’s extremely thin subnotebooks made of an aluminum block have been experiencing a veritable triumph. The Americans have not changed anything about the fundamental orientation in the latest model. The Air remains to be the thinnest and highest end notebooks on the market, including some Apple-typical faults. But more about that later.Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch battery

The reason for the launch of a new MacBook Air generation – as always named after the market launch date: Mid 2012 – was of course the introduction of Intel’s new mobile processors. Apple MacBook 13 inch batteryThe CPUs made in a structure width of 22 nanometers called Ivy Bridge unleashed an avalanche of notebook innovations. Apple is virtually a latecomer with its new MacBooks. In any case, the new generation can now be ordered. We asked the basic configuration of the larger two Air models in for review – the Apple MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 featuring a 1.8 GHz Core i5.Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch battery

Like in the precursors, Intel’s ultra low voltage CPU works inside the latest model, but this time from the new Ivy Bridge range. It is Intel’s dual core i5 3427U with a default clock of 1.8 GHz in the preconfigured models.Apple Macbook Air 13 inch batteryThe cores are fired up to 2.8 GHz via Turbo Boost and both cores can be clocked with a maximum of 2.6 GHz simultaneously. The other equipment: a 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, and 13.3 inch screen with a native resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels. The price: EUR 1249. So, everything has been left as it was, or?Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch battery

No differences are seen at first glance when the latest MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 is placed beside its roughly one year old precursor. It is the third generation with this case.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG57SN battery Apple still relies on the extremely slim aluminum unibody case in matte silver looks. There was not really much to be improved anyway. Merely the very thin display lid could be a bit more rigid. It warps quite easily. The smaller MacBook Air 11’s lid makes a more stable impression and the base unit’s pressure resistance is improved. But our review of the Apple MacBook Air 13 inch 2010 is basically still valid.Apple 13 inch MacBook Air battery

There is one modification compared with the predecessor though. The shape of the well-tried magnetic power socket used in many generations – called MagSafe – has been changed. It is flatter and wider, which is not actually a problem.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG55SN battery However, owners of the previous model can no longer simply continue using their present PSU. But Apple would not be Apple if an adapter were not available – naturally for a surcharge. The MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter costs EUR 10 in Apple’s shop.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG55U battery

The next modification in the 2012 generation compared with the MacBook Air 13 Mid 2011 becomes apparent when looking at the ports or better said when looking at the spec sheet. The new USB 3.0 ports are not evident on the device itself.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG50W battery They are neither colored nor are they marked with the "SS" logo for Super Speed. Otherwise, Apple uses the same ports as in the 2011 predecessor. All sockets are found exclusively on the case’s right and left far back. The Thunderbolt socket deserves special mention as it unites numerous interfaces. Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG55S battery

Originally developed in a joint venture by Apple and Intel under the name Light Peak, Thunderbird currently supplies two bidirectional channels with a transfer rate of 10 GBit/s each. Data storage devices as well as high definition monitors can be connected via Thunderbird. Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG50SN batteryThe Thunderbird interface also "assimilated" the mini DisplayPort formerly found on the MacBook Air. However, the interface could not implement itself in the classic peripheral field. USB 3.0 predominates in the meantime. More details about connectivity can be found in the review of the precursor.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG50U battery

As in the predecessors, the latest MacBook Air 13 does not bid the possibility of connecting to cabled LAN without an adapter in. The device is simply too flat for the necessary RJ45 socket.FUJITSU SIEMENS ESPRIMO Mobile U9200 battery However, Apple offers two adapters in form of Apple’s USB Ethernet Adapter, which enables connecting the MacBook Air to a 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet network, and the Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter adds – like the name indicates – a modern Gigabit Ethernet interface. Both adapters cost additional EUR 29 each.Fujitsu FMV-BIBLO MG50S battery

The wireless interfaces are likely more important in a subnotebook.FUJITSU Mobile D9500 battery Apple has not altered anything here. But there was no need for change with WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n for 2.4 and 5 GHz networks as well as Bluetooth 4.0.But we think there is need concerning 3G. Such a mobile device literally screams for a mobile data interface. However, this plea seems to fall on deaf ears.FUJITSU M9400 battery

Operating System

Apple’s MacBook Air is currently delivered with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion. However, if you buy the device now, you receive a free upgrade option for Mountain Lion, so Mac OS X 10.8, awaited in July. We additionally installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with assistance from Bootcamp for our benchmarks.FUJITSU ESPRIMO Mobile U9200 battery

Scope of Delivery

The scope of delivery for the MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 is, Apple-typical, fairly meager. Besides the device, the plastic foam padded box includes a 45 watt PSU with a long cord and an additional plug for use as a travel charger. It features the cord storage known from Apple. Moreover, there are a few paper documents in the box – not more.It looks different in Apple’s online shop where a vast range of accessories can be found. The assortment ranges from cases over cable adapter up to mice, keyboards and PSUs.FUJITSU V6555 battery


A touchy subject of Apple’s notebooks is maintenance-friendliness.FUJITSU ESPRIMO Mobile V5545 battery There is no conventional maintenance cover. In return, the case’s bottom can usually be unscrewed and removed quite easily. It is only secured with six screws. However, the common cross-slot or slot screwdrivers found in most households will not be of any use for opening the MacBook Air. A special Torx screwdriver is needed. Corresponding models are available for three euro。 V6545 battery

However, we refrained from opening the device in consideration of the lender and because the MacBook Air’s screws are extremely sensitive. Firstly, no surprises are expected and secondly, the experts from iFixit are more able and already disassembled the MacBook Air 13 Mid 2012 into its single parts. V6535 battery


Apple grants a standard warranty period of 12 months, disregarding the German statutory warranty of 24 months. Like for all Apple devices, warranty extensions called Apple Care Protection Plan are also available for the MacBook Air. A three year warranty including free telephone support for one year costs EUR 249 for this device. Apple does not offer any other warranty options.FUJITSU Mobile V6505 battery

Apple uses the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) to showcase new products and technologies. This year, CEO Tim Cook and SVP Philip W. Schiller not only introduced a completely reworked notebook portfolio and various other products,FUJITSU Mobile V5505 battery but also unveiled a MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina display. Apple uses this marketing term to refer to devices with a very high resolution and pixel density. The Retina display made its debut on the iPhone 4s and is also found in the iPod Touch and iPad 3. The previous high-resolution version of the 15-inch MBP only offered a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels. FUJITSU Mobile V5545 battery

The new 15.4-inch screen now packs a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels and a pixel density of 220 DPI. Apple PowerBook G4 17inch batteryNew Intel Ivy Bridge processors, a slimmer chassis, a revised cooling system, and a changed speaker system are all features that distinguish this new model from the regular MacBook Pro (which will stay on sale alongside the new offering – although the 17-inch version has been discontinued).Apple iBook G3 14inch battery

Two models with different configurations are offered at launch. Our test system is the base model and features the Intel Core i7-3615QM Quad-Core processor (2.3 GHz), 8 GByte RAM and a 256 GByte SSD. Apple iBook G4 14inch batteryThe higher-end version includes the 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7-3720QM processor and a 512 GByte SSD. Both models are equipped with the high resolution Retina display and the integrated / dedicated graphics combination with Intel GMA HD 4000 and Nvidia GeForce GT 650M (1 GByte GDDR5-RAM). Apple PowerBook G4 12inch battery

For those looking to soup up their notebook even further, Apple offers BTO (Build-to-Order) options. Apple iBook G3 12inch battery16 GByte RAM (onboard) or a 768 GByte SSD will set you back an additional 200 or 500 Euro, respectively. The larger SSD is only an option for the more expensive model retailing at 2889 Euro (MSRP). In this review we will focus on the 2279 Euro (MSRP) expensive base model with no optional upgrades selected.Apple PowerBook G4 15inch Titanium battery

In this review we will take an in-depth look at the performance of the components, the new display, and the overall features. The new MacBook Pro now comes with USB 3.0 and HDMI and offers two Thunderbolt ports. Both FireWire and Ethernet are only offered via adapter. So what are the pros and cons of the newest family member?Apple iBook G4 12inch battery


  • Apple MA458G/A Battery

  • Apple MA458G/A Battery
  • Apple MA458G/A Battery is a high quality and brand new laptop battery with 1 year warranty and this laptop battery is 100% compatible with the Apple OEM one! This laptop battery uses high quality battery cells.Our Checkout Process is 100% secure. Your order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure (SSL) server technology.

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